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Abstaining from Abstinence-Only Education – Eva Baldyga

In recent years, the United States has experienced a slight decrease in the rate of teenage pregnancies. Due to this favorable statistic, more attention has been placed on implementing nationwide sexual education programs (Perrin&DeJoy, 2003). Although many different sexual education programs are now in effect, abstinence-only education has gained great popularity throughout the nation due to the federal government’s interest in this program. In an effort to delay inappropriate and premature sexual relations among adolescents, the federal government passed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, which provides support and funding for abstinence-only education throughout the country (Perrin&DeJoy, 2003). Abstinence-only education is a sexual education program that attempts to postpone sexual relations among youth until marriage under a very strict curriculum. To reinforce to importance of abstinence until marriage, the negative psychological and physical effects of premarital sex are frequently taught in such programs. However, discussion regarding contraceptives is forbidden, unless it is to describe their failure rates (Waxman, 2004). Abstinence-only education programs provide youth with misleading information that does not allow them to make educated and informed decisions regarding sex.

Due to extensive governmental support, abstinence-only education programs receive substantial funding from various federal and state organizations. “Federal funding for abstinence-only programs has increased from $60 million in fiscal year 1998 to $168 million in fiscal year 2005”(Santelli, Ott, Lyon, Rogers, Summers, Schleifer, 2006, p. 76). Abstinence-only education has gained considerable popularity among the Bush administration due to the belief that abstinence is the only proven way to reduce one’s risk of pregnancy and disease (Waxman, 2004). However, scientific data regarding the efficacy of such programs is inefficient. Unfortunately, funding for such inefficient and unproductive sexual education programs will continue until someone efficiently displays the inadequacies of the program. Abstinence-only education interventions across the nation have failed due to its inability to adhere to an adolescent’s ideal of self-efficacy regarding sexual relations, its inconclusiveness with today’s social environment and finally, the intervention only addresses the needs and habits of heterosexual couples.

Abstinence-only education does not provide students with the essential information concerning contraceptive use or methods for safe sex. Rather, most programs portray condoms and other forms of contraceptives as defective and untrustworthy (Waxman, 2004). Due to the strict curriculum of abstinence-only education, adolescents have an intrinsic belief that they will be unable to abstain from sexual relations; thus they don’t adhere to the recommendations put forth by abstinence-only education programs. Although possible, it is difficult to abstain from sexual relations as an adolescent, especially if one is forced into such actions and beliefs. “Abstinence is not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections as many teens fail in remaining abstinent”(Santelli, et. al, p. 77). Adolescents’ self-efficacy with regards to abstaining is diminished within an abstinence-only education program, as it becomes their only option for sexual education. Abstinence-only education programs instill fear in their participants, while at the same time misinforming them about responsible sexual health.

Abstinence-only education programs fail to address the sexual health needs of adolescents are not sexually active, as well as those who are. It is also important to remember that a great percentage of youth have already initiated sexual relations and these education programs are futile to them (Santelli, et al., 2006). Youth that have already participated in sexual relations prior to the program are ostracized and their actions are looked upon as immoral and indecent. Also, these teens require information regarding contraception, healthcare facilities and services, all of which is not included in abstinence-only education programs. By providing youth with inadequate sexual health information we are actually placing them at a greater risk for partaking in risky sexual activities (Santelli, et al., 2006). A successful public health intervention must have realistic goals that are personable, as well as attainable. Abstinence-only education programs have failed because the goals that they have put forth are extreme and untailored to fit the needs of most adolescents.

Along with individual behavior, social environment also impacts the effectiveness and relevance of abstinence-only education programs. Today’s hypersexualized social environment makes it difficult for youth to adhere to education plans that strongly reject premarital sexual relations. Once students leave the premises of school, only their steadfast faith to the abstinence-only education program will keep them from partaking in sexual activities. Everywhere you go, media surrounds us, and from the music that we listen to, to the advertisements we see in magazines, these images influence and compete with our beliefs and ideals. Media has an especially strong influence on adolescents, as this time is typically characterized by self-exploration and curiosity. Media acts as a socializing agent that brings together the youth and it can be highly influential; therefore sexualized images in the media can manipulate them regardless of what they have learned in school (Chapin, 2000). Public health officials must take into consideration the environmental factors that people have no control over when planning an intervention, as well as looking at possible individuals’ behaviors. In most interventions, great emphasis is placed on factors that are out of an individual’s control and public health must keep in mind these characteristics in order to create successful programs. Proposed abstinence-only education programs do not take into consideration factors such as the social environment in which the adolescents reside; therefore, it is impossible to implement such interventions and expect success and compliance from them.

The curriculum of abstinence-only education programs target heterosexual sexual relations and has no relevance to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning youth. How are adolescents that pertain to this group supposed to interpret this sexual education program when they are not even mentioned in its curriculum? Issues of self-efficacy that pertain to heterosexual couples, also apply to homosexual couples. Abstinence-only education discriminates against GLBTQ youth as the federal definition of marriage limits it to heterosexual couples and completely excludes these individuals. Adolescents that place themselves in such a category have no other options concerning sexual education when abstinence is solely enforced through the curriculum; thus, they have no other alternative but to fail. Abstinence-only education programs should be considered as unethical interventions as they deny basic sexual health information to a population that are at a high risk for contracting sexually transmitted infections (Lyon, Rogers, & Summers, 2006). “Abstinence-only sex education classes are unlikely to meet the health needs of GLBTQ youth, as they largely ignore issues surrounding sexuality, and often stigmatize homosexuality as deviant and unnatural behavior”(Santinelli, et al., 2006, p. 78). Instead of educating these youth, abstinence-only education programs discriminate against them and do not provide them with any form of sexual education, whether it is positive or even negative. Also, due to the current federal regulations regarding the legal definition of marriage, only heterosexual couples are considered. This federal limitation further discriminates against GLBTQ youth and subjects them to lifelong abstinence under the current abstinence until marriage curriculum. Abstinence-only education programs have failed in the United States due to their inability to fulfill the needs of homosexual couples. Rather than by incorporating them into the program, the curriculum inherently discriminates against this population and further perpetuates homophobia within the country.

Personal behaviors and beliefs, as well as environmental factors must be incorporated into any public health intervention for it to be effective and long lasting. The problem with abstinence-only education is that it fails to look at the issue of self-efficacy surrounding the youth’s ability to abstain from sexual relations until marriage. If an individual believes they will not be able to conform to the behavior or intervention being presented to them, they are less likely to follow the proposed curriculum. By setting unachievable and unrealistic goals, abstinence-only education programs were bound to fail from the day they were implemented throughout the nation.

Abstinence-only education programs have also failed due to their inability to effectively incorporate today’s social environment into the intervention. The social environment that most youth are exposed to nowadays makes it entirely too difficult to adhere to the strict limitations set forth by abstinence-only education programs. Youth are constantly bombarded by hypersexualized media, which only leaves them questioning and curious (Chapin, 2000). Without sufficient material to supplement abstinence-only education programs, youth are vulnerable to the rampant sexual images in our social environment. Finally, the needs of GLBTQ youth are not discussed in abstinence-only education programs. Failure to incorporate this population assumes that these individuals are immoral, as their actions are not considered acceptable by the curriculum’s standards. Rather than educating GLBTQ youth, abstinence-only education programs discriminate against them and further perpetuate homophobic thoughts among many of the nation’s public. Perhaps instead of focusing so much federal support towards abstinence-only education, more programs should be devised to prevent teenage pregnancy. By implementing a more logical intervention with a more attainable goal, people are more likely to adopt the behaviors and change their habits.

Although some may consider its intentions laudable, abstinence-only education programs have proven to be minimally effective (Waxman, 2004). A more efficient and effective sexual education program would include information concerning abstinence, however, it would also include methods of practicing safe sex. “Schools and health care providers should encourage abstinence as an important option for adolescents. Abstinence-only as a basis for health policy and programs should be abandoned”(Santelli, et al., 2006, p. 79). Comprehensive sexual education programs acknowledge the impact the social environment has on youth, and at the same time, it retains realistic goals regarding their sexual practices. Ultimately, youth are not expected to abstain from sex; however, we hope that with the help of more comprehensive sexual education programs, they will be provided with the tools to make educated and responsible decisions.

Advocates for Youth, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United
States. (2001). Toward a sexually healthy America: roadblocks imposed by the federal government’s abstinence-only-until-marriage education program. Available at: November 6, 2006.

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Santelli, J., Ott, M. A., Lyon, M., Rogers, J., Summers, D., & Schleifer, R. (2006).
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Siegel, M. The importance of formative research in public health campaigns: an
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Waxman, H. A. (2004). The content of federally funded abstinence-only education
programs. United States Committee on Government Reform, I-22.


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